Our mission is to preserve, study, and exchange low-capital technologies that increase the sustainability and productivity of people in rural communities.

Our vision is to create an international learning community in which we seek an understanding of local conditions, inspire an attitude of experimentation, and give the promise of rural sustainability for generations to come.

Our values are based on over 30 years of experience working with farmers around the world. We believe in:

  • Inspiring an attitude of experimentation. Our technical trainings are supplemented with continual encouragement and positive reinforcement of creative problem solving. We follow “Teach a man to fish” instead of “Give a man a fish”.
  • The power of low-capital technology. The most life-changing innovations aren’t necessarily the newest, most complex, or expensive.
  • Grassroots people-to-people exchange. People are more likely to adopt new practices or tools when they see their neighbors doing or using them.
  • Listening before acting. No tool or practice will work well everywhere. We work closely with our trainees and communities to discovery the best solutions for their needs.

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