Public tours

Tillers offers tours of its main facility, the Cook’s Mill Learning Center in Scotts, Michigan. Visitors are welcome to come by every Thursday at 10:00am for an informal guided tour for a suggested donation. It’s helpful if you call ahead so that we can have a staff member ready for you. If you’d like a tour at a different time or day, please call to make an appointment. No pets please.

Come experience rural history in a live learning environment at Cook’s Mill Learning Center. Tillers can offer guided tours for groups of about 20 to 40 visitors. See blacksmithing demonstrations, learn about yoke making in our woodshop, meet a team of oxen, and see the progression of innovation in American farm tool design at the Tillers Museum. Learn how Tillers uses American agricultural history and innovation as an example to speed rural development in our international projects. Please contact the Tillers office to discuss details and costs for large tours.

The Tillers Museum

The Tillers Museum is open every Saturday from 9am to 1:30pm and during a guided tours. Appointments at other times are welcomed; please contact the office at 269-626-0223 or 800-498-2700 to set up a time.

School Visits

Tillers welcomes student groups of all ages (2nd grade and up recommended) for field trips, tailored to your interests. Field trips typically include students plowing with oxen, hands-on projects in our woodshop, rope making, and blacksmithing demonstrations. Call for more information on pricing and availability, 800-498-2700.

Experience the teamwork of driving and plowing with a team of oxen. Gain perspective on modern power tools and manufacturing by experiencing the joys and labors of working with hand tools. Food does not come from the grocery store: we strive to connect students to the real source of the food they eat, the land and animals raised on it, to encourage social and environmental responsibility through smart food choices. Education programs are tailored to the needs and interests of individual school groups.