Volunteers who lend their hands, knowledge, skills, curiosity, and enthusiasm are essential to helping Tillers function. Tasks in all parts of the organization are available. Please contact the office at 800-498-2700 or 269-626-0223 or email Lori at evesque [at] tillersinternational.org for more information. Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to:

The Tillers Museum and Carroll Abbey Collection

Tillers has an on-site storage building for the Tillers Museum and Abbey Collection artifacts. The immense project of moving the Abbey Collection from its current off-site storage and organizing and cataloging it here at Tillers’ Cook’s Mill Learning Center is an on-going process. Volunteers with strong backs and/or an interest in historical tools are welcome and appreciated. Please contact our Museum Coordinator Jim at slining [at] tillersinternational.org.

Office Work

Office systems are always in need of maintenance. Tasks might include data entry, filing, and other office tasks as needed.

Cooking and House Work

Kaethe welcomes any help cleaning the house as well as in the kitchen for meal prep. Come spend an hour or two as her sous chef, baker, or dishwasher! Once a week, we plan a thorough cleaning for 5 guestrooms, 7 bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, and floors. No task is too small to be of great help!

Farm Work

With horses, oxen, a beef cattle herd, sheep, goats, and chickens to feed, there is always plenty of farm work to be done at Tillers. If you’d like to help with animal care, field work, and especially hay making, please contact our farm manager, Anna, at dirkse [at] tillersinternational.org.

Building Projects

Construction Coordinator Rob Burdick and Shops Coordinator John Sarge are always busy working on various building-related projects, whether it be reconstructing a barn, building museum displays, or installing box stalls and such in the basement of the Springhill Barn. If you have building or carpentry experience and would like to help, please contact Rob at burdick [at] tillersinternational.org.

International Projects

Tillers welcomes skilled volunteers interested in working overseas on international projects. Tillers looks for skills in ox driving and training, teaching, blacksmithing, foreign languages, woodworking, and/or photography in volunteers selected for overseas work, as well as dedication, a sense of adventure, flexibility, and good humor. Depending on specific project terms, volunteers may incur some costs. International volunteering opportunities are subject to project terms and availability and Tillers’ discretion. If you are interested in international projects, please contact Ashley at juengling [at] tillersinternational.org.

Southwest Michigan Community Harvest Fest

Each year in September, Tillers hosts the Southwest Michigan Community Harvest Fest. Tillers welcomes members of the local community to explore our facilities and participate in the local food, environmental, and artistic communities. From setting up and taking down vendor tables and chairs, to staffing hay rides, to pressing and cooking sorghum for molasses, to parking cars, to the joy of trash pick-up, volunteer labor is especially appreciated at this busy time. Contact Lori at evesque [at] tillersinternational.org.