Heritage Breeds

An Introduction to Heritage Breeds


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Developed for the particular needs of the working farm, heritage breeds have proved invaluable to small-scale agricultural production for centuries. This comprehensive guide explains why conserving heritage breeds remains important and how they often can be a better choice for the modern farmer than conventional animals. With profiles of heritage poultry, sheep, cattle, and more, you’ll learn how to select and successfully raise the breed that is right for your specific needs. Enjoy the benefits of resilient livestock while preserving genetic diversity for future generations.


D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, Jeannette Beranger, and Alison Martin are all experts associated with The Livestock Conservancy, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving and promoting rare breeds of livestock. Founded in 1977 through the efforts of livestock breed enthusiasts concerned about the disappearance of many of the US’s heritage livestock breeds, the Livestock Conservancy was the pioneer livestock preservation organization in the United States and remains a leading organization in that field. It has initiated programs that have saved multiple breeds from extinction, and it works closely with similar organizations in other countries, including Rare Breeds Canada.