Garden Seed Inventory, Sixth Edition

Garden Seed Inventory, Sixth Edition by Joanne Thuente


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Garden Seed Inventory is the ultimate reference for anyone who cares about heirloom vegetables, saving seeds and preserving the world’s garden heritage. Now in its updated sixth edition, this comprehensive “catalog of catalogs” lists all of the non-hybrid vegetable seeds offered by 274 mail-order vegetable seed companies, large and small, throughout North America. Nearly 8,500 varieties–everything from amaranth to zucchini—are fully described and keyed to the companies that sell them.

Vegetable growers will find that the Garden Seed Inventory is an invaluable resource and will turn to it again and again, looking for sources of new varieties or old favorites. Gardeners and farmers who save their own seeds can quickly tell which varieties are becoming unavailable, and need to be purchased and re-grown to prevent them from being lost forever.

In an era of generic engineering and patented seeds, it is even more important to preserve our garden heritage: Native American varieties, seeds brought by immigrants from every corner of the globe, and improved varieties developed by gardeners and plant breeders for superior taste, regional adaptability and disease resistance. Far from being obsolete or inferior, these plants represent the cream of our vegetable crops. Garden Seed Inventory opens the garden gate and invites us to discover them.

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