Ox Halter

Ox Halters


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Ox Halters

The heads of adult oxen grow to be larger than most halters available at farm supply stores. Draft horse halters don’t always fit right.

These Champion Halters are made of high quality nylon webbing with easy adjustment with buckles on both ends of the strap behind the horns, which can easily be replaced with longer straps for a larger fit. As the buckles are attached to the halter itself, an extension strap can be made simply from a piece of nylon with holes punched or burned in each end. Standard colors include black, red, brown, silver, hunter green, med. blue, burgundy, turquoise, purple, and sage.

Other colors are available on special order. If you are interested in other colors, please call the office.
Halter Colors

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Black, Red, Brown, Silver, Hunter Green, Medium Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Sage