Tillers researches methods and tools for low-tech farming. We have chosen to share the results of that research here, free, in order to encourage disbursement of the technology we promote. Please consider making a donation to support our research. Thank you!

Measuring Draft

Estimating Logging Draft
Estimating Ox-Drawn Implement Draft
Estimating Sled and Stoneboat Draft
Estimating Tillage Draft
Estimating Wagon Draft
Measuring Draft Power: A Low-Cost Dynamometer for Field Use

Animal Selection, Training, and Yoking

Selecting and Teaming Oxen
Training Young Steers
Advanced Training Techniques for Oxen
Building an Ox Yoke
Improving Ox Yokes
Neck Yokes Design and Fit
Yoking and Harnessing Single Cattle

We also have yoke plans, templates, and hardware for sale in our store.


Animal-Driven Shaft Power Revisited
Britchen, Brakes, and Head Yokes for Restraining Loads Behind Oxen
Themi-Tillers Manual Hay Baler
Themi-Tillers Manual Hay Baler Plans
Water Drum Cart
Wood-Framed Spike Toothed Harrow