Explore our blacksmithing, timber framing, and woodworking classes.

Annually, Tillers International becomes a destination for thousands eager to immerse themselves in our traditional medicine making, knife crafting, barrel coopering, and woodworking classes. Each class is not just a lesson in technique, it’s a step into the living history of these crafts, a hands-on contribution to preserving our collective heritage. But the impact of learning these skills extends far beyond personal enrichment and historical preservation. Our participants play a vital role in enhancing the livelihoods of farmers worldwide, applying these ancient techniques in ways that foster sustainable practices and community resilience.


Whether you’re drawn to the gentle power of a team of donkeys, the meticulous joy of crafting a turn-of-the-century rocking chair, or the precision involved in forging a knife, Tillers International offers an unmatched opportunity to master these timeless skills. Here, tradition meets purpose, empowering you to make a difference both in preserving our past and shaping a more sustainable future for communities around the globe.

Classes List

Draft Animal Classes

For millennia, draft animals have stood by farmers, a testament to the enduring partnership between humans and beasts of burden. Today, this ancient tradition continues to empower millions of farmers worldwide, offering sustainable and efficient farming solutions. At Tillers International, we are proud to contribute to this rich legacy through our comprehensive draft animal classes. Our courses are led by globally acclaimed instructors, each an expert in their field, who bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience.

Metalworking Classes

Metalworking, a craft that has seamlessly melded tradition with innovation over centuries, remains a vital skill in numerous communities worldwide. From the primal dance of fire and iron to the precision of modern forges, the art of shaping metal stands as a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. At Tillers International, we honor this rich heritage by offering metalworking classes that bridge the ancient with the modern. Guided by skilled artisans with years of experience, our workshops invite you to delve into the world of metalworking, learning the fundamental techniques that have forged tools, utensils, and countless necessities of daily life through the ages.


Whether you’re fascinated by the rhythmic hammering at the anvil or intrigued by the intricate balance of strength and finesse required to shape metal, our courses offer a hands-on journey through the ages. You’ll emerge not just with a deeper appreciation for this enduring craft, but with the practical skills necessary to create functional and artistic metalworks, using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Join us at Tillers International, and become part of a continuing legacy of metalworkers who not only preserve the past but also mold the future.

Woodworking Classes

In an era where digital technology often overshadows traditional craftsmanship, the art of woodworking with basic hand tools like chisels, vices, saws, planes, and mallets is a rare skill. Yet, in many corners of the globe, these tools remain the backbone of woodworking, essential for creating everything from daily utensils to heirloom furniture. At Tillers International, our woodworking classes are a bridge to this vital heritage, offering an immersive journey into the world of traditional carpentry.


Our expert-led workshops are designed not just to teach, but to revive the fundamental skills that have shaped wood into functional and artistic forms for centuries. From crafting a sturdy chair to constructing a versatile shaving horse, our classes cover a wide range of projects that embody the practical and aesthetic values of woodworking. By joining us, you’ll not only reconnect with the tactile joy of working wood by hand but also gain timeless skills that empower you to create with confidence and creativity.

Construction Classes

From the dawn of civilization in the Neolithic era to contemporary communities around the globe, timber framing and stone masonry have stood as cornerstones of human shelter and expression. The timeless arts of shaping stone, boring mortises, and crafting tenons transcend mere construction; they are a language of resilience and innovation spoken across millennia. At Tillers International, our construction classes connect you to this enduring legacy, offering hands-on instruction in a range of heritage building techniques.


Guided by instructors renowned for their mastery and depth of knowledge, you will delve into the fundamental skills that have erected homes, temples, and monuments, standing the test of time. Our curriculum is designed to not only teach the techniques but to also imbue a deep appreciation for the craft and its role in human history. Whether you’re aiming to undertake your own building projects or to preserve and continue the traditions of timber framing and stone masonry, our courses provide the foundation you need to build upon the past as you shape your own creations.

Coopering Classes

Barrels, tankards, and buckets may seem like simple containers, but they are, in fact, the unsung heroes of commerce and daily life, crucial for storing everything from wine and grains to gunpowder and butter. Coopering, the traditional craft of creating these watertight vessels, has played a pivotal role in agriculture, trade, and storage across the world for centuries. At Tillers International, our coopering classes offer a unique opportunity to delve into this essential, yet often overlooked, craft.


Under the guidance of skilled artisans, participants in our classes learn not just the techniques of shaping staves and fitting hoops, but also the historical significance and applications of their creations. From constructing historic tankards that echo the past to crafting pin kegs designed for modern use, our courses cover a diverse range of projects. Join us to master the art of coopering, and gain the skills to create these vital containers that continue to serve a myriad of purposes in agriculture and beyond.

Other Heritage Skills

Beyond the realms of metalworking, construction, and woodworking, Tillers International extends an invitation to explore a broader spectrum of heritage crafts that weave together the rich tapestry of artisanal traditions. Our curriculum encompasses an exceptional variety of workshops, each designed to immerse you in the hands-on experience of time-honored skills. From the meticulous craft of the nation’s finest medicine makers, unraveling the secrets of traditional remedies, to the rhythmic art of Appalachian broom making, our courses offer a gateway to the past through the lens of practical craftsmanship.



With Tillers International, you embark on a journey that not only acquaints you with the tactile joy of creating with your hands but also connects you with the stories and communities that have nurtured these skills through generations. Whether you’re drawn to the delicate balance of herbal concoctions or the sweeping elegance of a handmade broom, our classes are curated to provide a comprehensive and enriching experience in the world of heritage crafts. Join us to hone a diverse set of artisanal skills, and carry forward the legacy of these invaluable traditions.