Volunteer to promote our international mission and homesteading classes.

As a way to advance our mission, increase our reach, or improve our homesteading classes, your skills could be invaluable to Tillers International. We’re always looking for volunteers to assist with obvious – and not-so-obvious – things at our location in Scotts, Michigan. Whether you like getting your hands dirty or you prefer to do something indoors, you can be confident that your help is always appreciated here.

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If you’re looking to enrich your life and better the global community, we’d love to hear from you.


Gardener – Scotts, Michigan

Our campus welcomes hundreds of students and donors each year and we could use some help making sure our location looks inviting. If you know something about gardening, consider donating a little bit of time planting and tending to flowers, shrubs, or whatever you think might make visitors feel welcomed.

Horse & Ox Grooming – Scotts, Michigan

We’d like to have a nice rotation of volunteers that would help brush and groom some of our draft horses and oxen. These boys work hard and appreciate a little bit of pampering when they’re not in the field. If you’re comfortable around large animals and have experience with horses and/or oxen, let us know.

Artists & Graphic Designers – Remote

If you enjoy drawing or designing we’d love to consider your work for some T-shirts and other merch. To help raise funds, we’d like to feature original art on shirts, mugs, stickers, and other items. The art would need to relate to our mission or something we do. If you’re interested in donating your skills, let us know!

SEO Consultant – Remote

We could use advice on search engine optimization to help people find the skills, classes, and events they’re looking for. We want to optimize our website to ensure it’s the go-to destination for homesteading classes and skills. If you or your business would like to donate your time or insight, please let us know.